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www.fossilcn.com   29-03-2010 om 15:17

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 19-12-2009
Berichten: 3

(commercial add and pics removed by moderator)

[Bewerkt door Frederik op 20-09-2010 om 15:43 NL]

paleobear   31-03-2010 om 13:06

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 19-08-2009
Berichten: 18

these chinese guys realy dont give up easily in selling fake fossils

Carboon   02-04-2010 om 16:18

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 02-09-2008
Berichten: 1038

paleobear schreef:
these chinese guys realy dont give up easily in selling fake fossils

This is not the first time you warn us for counterfeit fossils from this particular person. How come you are so dead-certain these fossils are indeed fake?
I myself have some confidence in the fossils' authenticity as I see both part and counter-part of one of the specimens; something hard to reproduce artificially. Not getting into the detail of whether these fossils are real or indeed fake, it must be stressed that it cannot be told merely on the basis of these (low quality) photographs (at least, I lack the expertise to do so).
You are right that one should always be cautious for fakes when buying fossils (especially from notoriously 'infamous locations' such as China or Morocco), and it is good of you to warn us. But still I would like to be presented with a bit of evidence when one's accusing someone of counterfeiting. So please share...

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