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Australian fossils ?

ben wall   23-07-2010 om 23:34

ben wall
Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 23-07-2010
Berichten: 1

I saw these rock markings in Western Australia. We were walking along the bottom of one of the gorges in Karijini national park, among very ancient banded ironstone (see 3rd picture). We were told by our friend that these could not be fossils as the rock was too old. Can anyone explain what they might be ?

0dinofthenorth   28-07-2010 om 15:13

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 29-05-2009
Berichten: 1114

These look like fossilized jellyfish to me

pterosaur   01-08-2010 om 10:46

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 22-05-2009
Berichten: 7

My inclination would be to take them for identification to the Queensland Museum;
Grey & Melbourne Streets
South Bank
South Brisbane
PO Box 3300 South Brisbane BC Q 4101
+61 (0)7 3840 7555

Paul Pursglove, The Pterosaur Database

0dinofthenorth   21-12-2010 om 13:54

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 29-05-2009
Berichten: 1114

I would say they are from the Precambrian era. But I would do as Pterosaur said, take them to the museum!