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Fossil from Sweden...

Therese   04-03-2011 om 23:56

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 02-03-2011
Berichten: 2

Hi !

I have a fossil (or at least I think it´s a fossil) that I would know more aboute. It was found at Kinnekulle in Sweden. If anyone here have some information aboute it please let me know.

Kind regards Therese

Smaug   05-03-2011 om 01:27

Lid sinds: 11-11-2003
Berichten: 1138

I believe it is an orthoceras.

You can find some info about Kinekulle on this site LINK.

About the orthoceras you will find some examples here: LINK

(Please correct me if i am wrong )


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breath death!

Therese   05-03-2011 om 11:07

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 02-03-2011
Berichten: 2

Thank you so much for your help ! I also sent an email to another member here and he said the same thing.

Once again, thank you very much !!

Have a nice day !

Kind regards Therese

0dinofthenorth   05-03-2011 om 12:29

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 29-05-2009
Berichten: 1114

It is a very nice sized orthoceras!

Trilobite   08-03-2011 om 23:26

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 10-09-2003
Berichten: 962

Yup, like I said in the mail it's an Orthoceras, or as it's also called in English, and Orthocone.
Probably from either the upper Cambrian or Lower Ordovician period, which is roughly 488 million years ago.

And the reason it's so shiny is because it's polished.

[Bewerkt door Trilobite op 08-03-2011 om 23:27 NL]

Olof Moleman AKA Trilobite/Lord Trilobite
Lord of the Paleozoic sea.
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