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Fossil Identification

Ancient plant. Anybody know what type or era?

doshui   09-06-2011 om 23:50

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 09-06-2011
Berichten: 4

I took these photographs on a recent fossil hunting trip to Esperaza in Southern France. While there was great mention of the fossils to be found at the roundabout outside the town and indeed of the Dinosaur museum in the town. There was no mention of these huge, wonderful plant like fossils in the side of the cliff at the roundabout. Does anybody know what they are? The insides of the plant contained crystal like structures with a red centre. There were many different small shell fossils strewn about the base of the cliff from perhaps another era, but this was a very interesting plant. Would really like to get an ID on it.

Domhnall O'Suibhne

Smaug   13-06-2011 om 19:15

Lid sinds: 11-11-2003
Berichten: 1138

The only thing i can say about these structures is that the definitly arent plants. I hope someone else can help you further.


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