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Tiny trilobite at Vierves

2Ronalds   04-09-2011 om 21:21

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 11-06-2011
Berichten: 25

I found a trilobite 9 x 7 mm at the location near Vierves sur Viroin. It does not look like any of the finds that others have posted. Can anyone identify it?


Frederik   20-10-2011 om 12:52

Lid sinds: 28-09-2003
Berichten: 8635

Hey 2Ronalds,

When I was on holidays I seem to have missed a great deal of interesting posts from you. I'll try to adress some of them, hopefully you are still checking this.

The trilobite you're showing reminds me of a Proetid. Unfortunately, the cephalon seems to be a little damaged or distorted. Nonetheless a very nice find! The trilobite is fully articulated and that's a rare thing in Belgium whatsoever.

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