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trilobite at Resteigne

2Ronalds   04-09-2011 om 00:24

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 11-06-2011
Berichten: 25

We found a tiny trilobite at the quarry near Resteigne (Be). It makes me think of a proetid, but I couldn't say why. It misses both its left side and its right and the pygidium. There is a bit of chephalic rim. the thorax axis and, glabella and both eyes are there, at least largely. The glabella is not pustulate, hence it could not Gerastos prox. It may be Cyphaspis, as it is reminescent of nr. 61-0070, but nr. 282-0088 with it pustules casts doubt. Can anyone help me out?

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[Editted by 2Ronalds on 08-09-2011 at 00:32 GMT +1]