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Mosasaurus Beaugei

Cambrian   17-01-2013 om 21:13

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 14-02-2012
Berichten: 5

Fossil Friends:

When I was in California, I obtained in barter a large collection of mosasaurus, giant fish, and sharks teeth. Of course, several of the teeth in my collection I found myself in this state. Not long ago I posted a set of these “Monster Teeth,” from Morocco and California. What I failed to do was show what these monsters looked like. Below are my collection of Late Cretaceous Mosasaurus beaugei teeth (from the Ouled Abdoun Basin of Morocco) and a painting of the actual marine reptile. In the future I will post my Enchodus lybicus (also from the Ouled Abdoun Basin of Morocco). -- Cambrian

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Duys   23-01-2013 om 11:01

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 15-05-2008
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