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Trilobiet from Mallorca

Dee   19-07-2015 om 18:59

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 04-07-2015
Berichten: 1

Hello fellow collectors.
I'm very new to collecting these fossils but been in to Dino stuff for years.
I have some cool fossils and will show them soon but this is the one i'm very happy with.
I was on vacation in Mallorca and we visted a big Market with all kind of things.
There was a very friendly man from Mallorca,he came from Morocco but lived in Mallorca.
He came to the market once a month and had alot of stones,minerals and some great fossils.
I check it out and the one that sticked out was a beautyfull big Trilobite.
The rock it self is about 34 cm and has a awesome Trilobite in the split stones.
I bought it for a very good price and i'm very happy with it.

(Hope the pics are ok,they got bad when i changed them from JPEG to GIF

fitch   19-07-2015 om 19:06

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 22-08-2005
Berichten: 911

Hey Dee,

Good on ya!

At first sight it seems to be genuine Cambropallas telesto, from the cambrium layers some miles south of Tinejdad, Morocco.

Sometimes they do like to color it, to enhance it, .. but I think I'll need better pics to be sure of yours ..

Happy holiday ending

Succesfull improvements get a place in history .. unfortunately so
do faillures