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Carboniferous fern

JohnB   15-08-2015 om 18:07

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 09-07-2015
Berichten: 17

Hi all

Here's a fern that's got me stumped. I've looked through 'Plant Fossils of the British Coal Measures' and 'British Fossils Palaeozoic' and can't find anything. I did wonder if these were whole leaves where some of the nervation has rotted away leaving primarily the skeletal veins. However if this was the case why aren't there other leaves adjacent? They were found 5km from my home at Offerton, Cheshire, UK LINK
While I have quite a lot of ferns mostly pecopteris types and calamites I've only found these two matrices with this example.

Sorry for the low quality images, iPhone with loupe sell taped to it! My dslr is in my studio (I'm a photographer!)

Thanks again for your help!


Carboon   18-08-2015 om 09:29

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 02-09-2008
Berichten: 1038

Hi John,

Very interesting material. Never seen anything like it. It reminds of some species of Rhacopteris, but smaller. Perhaps Dr. C.J. Cleal of the National Museum Wales could help you further. His info can be found here: LINK

Kind regards,


Op zoek naar groen in het zwart.

JohnB   30-08-2015 om 01:07

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 09-07-2015
Berichten: 17

Thanks Tim! When I get the chance too I will email him. I see you're a plant man. Would you like the small piece as a gift to add to your collection?



pa3djc   30-08-2015 om 12:10

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 23-09-2013
Berichten: 221

Nice find John!
Greetings Aad.