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Sponge, mineral or else ?

fifbrindacier   02-06-2018 om 17:31

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 07-12-2016
Berichten: 55

Hi everybody.
I found that piece in a pile of rejection from an ancient quarry, among inocerams, and traces of ammonites.
I really have no idea of what it can be : ammonite chambers, sponge, algae, else... ?
It is about 3,2 cm long and 1,7 cm wide.

Location : South-west of France.
Stage : campanian.

Thank you in advance for your help.


[Edited by fifbrindacier on 02-06-2018 at 17:38 GMT +1]

Spongebob   03-06-2018 om 11:37

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 22-12-2007
Berichten: 3629

Definitive a spongebody, I think.
But it's hard to put the right name on these sponges without examining the skeletal network closely. With a body composed of anastomosing tubes with such thin walls you can think about Eurete or Plocoscyphia but there are some more possible species.
I should leave it on 'Hexactinellid sponge' first

Time fades away (Neil Young)

fifbrindacier   04-06-2018 om 07:55

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 07-12-2016
Berichten: 55

Thanks Spongebob.

I broke it open to see how it was Inside.
Here are the photos.