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Pls help. >450 million yrs.

aardvark   21-07-2007 om 23:16

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 21-07-2007
Berichten: 2

1st post (and fossil newbie).

What is it ?

Any ideas appreciated !

1 inch long, high rotational symmetry along long axis.

Location: Montreal, Canada

>450 million years (Trenton Calcium Carbonate; Middle or late ordovician).

Thanks !

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KarelS   28-07-2007 om 12:06

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 02-06-2007
Berichten: 150

Hey Aardvark,

No idea what this is.

Maybe if you could post more pics, 2 or 3 sides, top, bottom, etc.



Trilobite   19-08-2007 om 21:48

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 10-09-2003
Berichten: 962

Looks a bit like a trilobite.

Edit: though, I don't see any recocnizable eyes, maybe it's a blind one.

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Olof Moleman AKA Trilobite/Lord Trilobite
Lord of the Paleozoic sea.
Ik graaf dus ik ben.

aardvark   14-12-2007 om 03:07

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 21-07-2007
Berichten: 2

Finally found it on the web.

Anyone have ANY more info ?? Thanks in advance.

This is from a similar formation 3 hrs drive away west of Albany, NY, USA.


Eorizoceras (sp. Flower, 1943 - Description from Sweet, 1964b)

Description: Shell is apically curved, adorally straight, rapidly expanding, and faintly compressed. The ephebic (adult) section is ovoid and sutures are straight and slightly oblique. Has an exterior with transverse bands and finer longitudinal markings. Shows no hyponomic sinus. The siphuncle is small and ventral.

Ecology: Active swimmers and posthumous floaters.



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