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Little fishy, Big fishy

RonB   23-12-2007 om 14:08

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 17-10-2007
Berichten: 58

I was going through some fossil photos this morning and realaized that some of you fossil folks may like to see two different photos of the same type of fish, one being a baby and the other an adult. This fish is known as Priscacara, found in Wyoming from the Green River Formation and are eocene in age. The little one measures just under 1-1/2 cm's and the bigger one measures in at a whopping 23 cm's! Both of these fish were found and prepped by myself. enjoy

Still a kid diggin in the dirt

Caveman   25-12-2007 om 17:51

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 18-03-2007
Berichten: 1370

Lovely specimen Ron, you must have a phenomenable collection!

cheers kv

To share or not to share, that's the question!

RonB   26-12-2007 om 15:03

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 17-10-2007
Berichten: 58

Hey Caveman, thanks for the compliment. To answer your question, I do have a purty darn good collection, but right now almost everything I have is in boxes. I do have some wonderful unprepped fish still to prep from a trip last summer with some being a bit on the rare side that my youngest son found. I will show photos of those later on this winter when I have time.

Still a kid diggin in the dirt

Fossiel hunter sean   27-12-2007 om 11:13

Fossiel hunter sean
Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 15-11-2005
Berichten: 1349

very nice!!

greet sean

Betelgeuze   27-12-2007 om 12:55

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 28-08-2004
Berichten: 366

Wow very nice, can't wait to see your other photos.

Alpha Orionis