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Beach Fossils Cape Town

Afrikaner   29-09-2008 om 07:41

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 10-09-2008
Berichten: 111

Good Morning.

I'm collecting since 1 1/2 Years Shark Teeth on the Beaches in Cape Town and now and then come across some Fossils maybe you can help me in identifing some of them.

Kind regards


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Better a bad Day at the Beach - than a good Day at the Office!!

omr3   12-08-2009 om 06:45

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 12-08-2009
Berichten: 15

last photo Gasteropodes

Fossils are humanity heritage we are only the depositary.

Hamilcar   16-09-2010 om 09:19

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 23-06-2010
Berichten: 58

The 8th photo looks like a part of a shaw shark tooth, I have included a picture of a shaw shark tooth for comparison.

Nec Fasces Nec Opes Sola Artis Sceptra Perennant

0dinofthenorth   16-09-2010 om 17:15

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 29-05-2009
Berichten: 1114

The seventh picture looks to me like an orca tooth, see picture above.

[Bewerkt door 0dinofthenorth op 07-10-2010 om 17:27 NL]

Hamilcar   28-09-2010 om 17:59

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 23-06-2010
Berichten: 58

The second last photo seems to be some kind of coral, althoug I cant tell you any name.



Nec Fasces Nec Opes Sola Artis Sceptra Perennant

masteroffossiles   28-09-2010 om 18:17

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 06-02-2007
Berichten: 1173

10 looks like a lowerjaw tooth from coelodonta antiquitatis. and 8 is not that sawfish tooth, but i dont know what it is.