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Edelhert gewei 40cm F3583
12.50 EUR

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oudichou   09-02-2009 om 20:48

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 04-02-2009
Berichten: 9

hi all ppl i'm from morocco i have urchins to sale.

earthsdelights   15-07-2010 om 03:43

Junior Lid
Lid sinds: 14-07-2010
Berichten: 2

Hi I am new to this site and just came across your trade message. Are you able to send me some pics of echinoids of the ones you have for sale along with your askingh price? I live in Austrail and collect echinoid too. I also trade? My home email address is msacco@ncable.net.au. Look forward you get your reply.

regards mark sacco