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Siphonia multioculata ?

fifbrindacier   21-06-2018 om 19:24

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 07-12-2016
Berichten: 55

Hi everybody,
In the senonian of Touraine, i've found those two specimen of silicized sponges.
I thought they were siphoniae multioculatae.
What is your opinion ?



Spongebob   23-06-2018 om 15:03

Senior Lid
Lid sinds: 22-12-2007
Berichten: 3664

Hi Sophie,

It were Michelin (in 1840-1847) and Courtiller who (in 1864) introduced numerous new species within the genus Siphonia. At that time there was an enormous exaggeration in the description of new species; Siphonia multicloaca is one of these....

I think your specimen is a nice Siphonia cf. decipiens. I regard the presence of two osculi as a variation or atypical ecotype.

Cordialement, Tom

PS: Moret(1925) did not include this species in his 'Spongiaires siliceux'. According to his work Siphonia pyriformis var. incrassata is the most likely possibility.
Your specimen would be a variation of a variation then

[Bewerkt door Spongebob op 23-06-2018 om 15:21 NL]

Time fades away (Neil Young)

fifbrindacier   31-07-2018 om 21:34

Gewoon Lid
Lid sinds: 07-12-2016
Berichten: 55

Do you mean Siphonia pyriformis var. incrassata cf. decipiens ?

[Edited by fifbrindacier on 31-07-2018 at 21:47 GMT +1]