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Trilobites are one of the best-known and appreciated groups of prehistoric animals. They are the most diverse extinct fossil animals known, with over 20,000 described species. This group is for those who collect trilobites, conduct research on trilobites, or who otherwise find that trilobites occupy their minds and souls.

Trilobites Group

The Trilobites Group is a specialised forum for trilobite enthousiasts. Please join and contribute: Exchange messages, information, images, questions, and answers about paleontology's favorite "bugs".

Access to this forum is only possible after explaining your interest in trilobites and after approval of a moderator. A brief, but compelling message is required in the Registration form. Failure to provide an explanatory message = no approval for membership. Pure and simple.

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Current Group cover taxon

Ohleum magreani Taghon, Bonino & Mottequin 2012
Middle Devonian (Eifelian), Jemelle Formation
Couvin Area, Southern Belgium
Family Lichidae
Superfamily Lichoidea
Order Lichida